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Lighting candles while sitting shiva jewish tradition

What is a Shiva?

The Jewish tradition of sitting shiva is a period of time for relatives to mourn after a passing. The shiva begins after the burial of the person who has passed, and lasts for seven days. Although shiva’s are a time of mourning, those sitting shiva often welcome friends and family to join them and offer their condolences.

Kosher shiva meals and catering - caesar salad with croutons

Kosher Shiva Meals & Catering

Since sitting shiva is a Jewish tradition, it is understanding that many people who sit shiva adhere to a Kosher diet. It’s tradition for family and guests to bring food to a shiva, but it’s important to know the dietary restrictions and preferences of those sitting shiva to make sure the right food is chosen. For example, if the family sitting shiva keeps Kosher, you should bring Kosher meals to the shiva. Kosher shiva meals and catering options range from salads, to baked goods, to proteins like chicken, fish, and beef.

People who need Kosher food for a shiva tend to order from a caterer. A Kosher caterer can provide fresh, delicious options and deliver directly to the family’s home if needed. Meals from a Kosher caterer will be made in a Kosher kitchen and will be certified COR Kosher.

Kosher meals for shiva - everything potato knishes

F+B Kosher’s Shiva Menu

F+B Kosher offers a variety of shiva meal options that can be catered for you. We offer delivery throughout Toronto as well as curbside pickup from our kitchen at Beth Sholom Synagogue.

Our shiva menu includes a variety of soups, salads, sides, mains, and desserts. All of our Kosher shiva meals can be ordered directly online by visiting this link: http://fbkosher.com/shiva

Kosher shiva catering is available with one day notice (the deadline to order for the next day is at 6 PM). We offer delivery Sunday to Thursday.  

If you have any questions about our Kosher shiva meals and catering, please give us a call at 416-900-0918 or email at info@fbkosher.com